The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services got bifurcated from the De­partment of Agriculture, as early as in the year 1945 and has made a phenomenal progress in its developmental programmes, which has helped it to attain the position of major technical depart­ment in  the administrative set up of the Government of Karnataka.     


This Department is successful in discharging its duties and functions with its network of various categories of veterinary institutions, in the State.  The Department has many activities  such  as the development of Cattle, Buffalo, Piggery, Poultry, Sheep and Goats, besides  Fodder resources, Extension and training,  Implementation of socio-economic programmes, in addition the department conducts  Integrated Sample Survey annually  and  Livestock  Census  quinquennially.  


The main objectives of the Department are:


providing health care for domestic animals and poultry population of the State and to protect them from contagious and non-contagious diseases.

Improvement of the productivity of livestock and poultry     through scientific breeding, feeding and management.

 providing extension services and practical training facilities to    the farmers in advanced animal husbandry practices.                     

 providing assistance to Livestock and Poultry Co-operative Societies for the benefit of both producers and consumers. 

Formulating schemes to supplement the income of small and marginal farmers and   agricultural laborers and to help them in securing financial assistance from the Financial Institutions.

Implementing Socio-Economic Programmes such as Special       Livestock Breeding Programme, Special component 

          Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan Schemes of the Government.

Conducting the Livestock Census once in five years, besides conducting    the Integrated Sample  Survey every  year for estimating the production of  major livestock products viz., milk,  meat, wool and egg and  their by-products.




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