Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Government of Karnataka
Government of Karnataka
Commissionerate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services
Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services
Government of Karnataka
Commissionerate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services
Government of Karnataka
Language: ಕನ್ನಡ / English
Contact District Officers
Sl. No.Name/ DesignationTelephoneE-MailInstitutions contacts/Locations
1Dr. Shashidhar Nadagowda
Deputy Director, Bagalakote Click here
2Dr.G.M Nagraj
Deputy Director, Bangalore (Rural)
080-23412189ddahvsblr@gmail.comClick here
3Dr. P. Umapathi
Deputy Director, Bangalore (Urban)
080-23418327bnguddahvs@gmail.comClick here
4Dr.Ashok Kolla
Deputy Director, Belagaavi
0831-2407297bgmnoahvs@gmail.comClick here
5Dr.B.L. Parameshwar naik
Deputy Director, Ballari
08392-275146blrddahvs@gmail.comClick here
6Dr. Ravindrakumar Bhore
Deputy Director, Bidar
08482-233140ddahvsbidar@gmail.comClick here
7Dr. Suresha S.C
Deputy Director, Chamarajnagar
08226-224085ddchnagar@gmail.comClick here
8Dr. Janardhan T.V
Deputy Director, Chikkaballapur
08156-272343cbpddahvs@gmail.comClick here
9Dr. M.Prakash
Deputy Director, Chikkamagalur
08262-232392ckmddahvs@gmail.comClick here
10Dr. Kallappa. S
Deputy Director, Chitradurga
08194-222719ctgddahvs@gmail.comClick here
11Dr. T.G Prasanna Kumar
Deputy Director, Dakshina Kannada
08242-492337ddahmng@gmail.comClick here
12Dr. Chandrashekhara S Sunkada
Deputy Director, Davangere
08192-233532ddvetdvg@gmail.comClick here
13Dr. Umesh Kondi
Deputy Director, Dharwad
0836-2447672dwdnoahvs@gmail.comClick here
14Dr. Gururaj P. Managoli
Deputy Director, Gadag
08372-274069gdgddahvs@gmail.comClick here
15Dr. Basateppa Patil
Deputy Director , Kalaburgi
08472-278627ddahvsglb@gmail.comClick here
16Dr. K.R. Ramesh
Deputy Director , Hassan
08172-234415hassanddveterinary@gmail.comClick here
17Dr. Rajeev N. Kuler
Deputy Director, Haveri
08375-249038ddahvshaveri@gmail.comClick here
18Dr. P. Suresh Bhat
Deputy Director, Kodagu
08272-229449kdgddahvs@gmail.comClick here
19Dr. N. Jagadish Kumar
Deputy Director, Kolar
08152-240397klrddahvs1@gmail.comClick here
20Dr. H. Nagaraj
Deputy Director, Koppal
08539-220823kplddahvs@gmail.comClick here
21Dr. R Manjunath
Deputy Director, Mandya
08232-220461mdyddahvs@gmail.comClick here
22Dr. Madappa
Deputy Director, Mysore
0821-2420606mysddahvs@gmail.comClick here
23Dr. Shivanna
Deputy Director, Raichur
08532-235350dd.ahvsraichur@gmail.comClick here
24Dr. Tirumala Gowda
Deputy Director, Ramanagar
080-27272055ddeputydirector5@gmail.comClick here
25Dr. Kallappa
Deputy Director, Shimoga
08182-222969smgnoahvs@gmail.comClick here
26Dr. G. V. Jayanna
Deputy Director, Tumkur
08162-278616tmkddahvs@gmail.comClick here
27Dr. Shankara Shetty. K
Deputy Director, Udupi
08202-534024udpddahvs@gmail.comClick here
28Dr. Nanda Kumar Pai
Deputy Director, Uttara Kannada
08382-226467uknddahvs@gmail.comClick here
29Dr. Pranesh Jagirdar
Deputy Director, Vijayapura
08352-251028vjpddahvs@gmail.comClick here
30Dr. Igali Bujabali
Deputy Director, Yadgir
08473-253752ydgddahvs@gmail.comClick here
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